Shipping and Delivery Options

Live Fish

Flat Rate and Free Shipping

Your online purchase of Koi may qualify for free shipping if any one of the two conditions are met:

            • In-Store Pickup.  Picking up your online purchase at our brick-and-mortar location in Temple City, CA within 10 calendar days.
            • Koi purchases of $1,000 and up. Purchasing a minimum of $1,000 ( excluding taxes and shipping fees ) of Koi from Demi Koi Online.
              Please note that this minimum must be the total amount purchased for Koi only – prior to any taxes, fees or any other products outside of the “Koi” product category.
            • Koi purchased on Connection or other special sales events do not qualify for free shipping. All Koi purchased through Connection or other special sales events are exempt from free shipping and subject to the Flat Rate Overnight Shipping Fee.

For all other orders, we offer a Flat Rate Overnight Shipping Fee of $150 per Koi shipment.

Shipping Methods

Once we have received your Koi order, we will require 3 working days to prepare your Koi for shipping. This preparation includes quarantine in a separate holding tank and ceasing feeding. Following this three-day preparation period, we will ship out your Koi on the next business day.

Once your Koi has left our facility, we will contact you with information regarding the shipment. If you would like to request a special delivery date, please feel free to contact us at any time.  Koi are only shipped once they have been paid for in full.

We offer three methods of shipping and delivery for all live fish sold by Demi Koi:

            • UPS Next Day Air
            • Air Cargo via Delta Airlines or Southwest Airlines
            • Pick-up at Demi Koi Facility

Each shipping method has restrictions and limitations and are outlined in detail below.

UPS Next Day Air

This shipping method is guaranteed only for Koi under 45 centimeters or 17.71 inches.

You will receive a UPS tracking number for this shipment once a label has been created. Delivery of Koi will be on the next business day following the 3-day preparation period. You will receive the Koi on the following business day after it has shipped. We will never ship out your Koi using this method on a Friday to minimize risk of unforseen shipping delays.

If you choose to use this method of shipping for Koi over 45 cm or 17.71 inches, you understand and have agreed to waive your right to the Live Arrival Promise as outlined in our Refund and Returns Policy here.

Air Cargo

This shipping method is guaranteed for Koi over 45 centimeters or 17.71 inches. We highly recommend this shipping option for larger Koi. 

When shipping using this method, we will contact you via phone call with flight options to receive your Koi. We will also schedule with you a day that is most convenient for you to pick up your Koi once it has arrived at your airport of choice. When you are picking up your Koi at the airport, you will pay the airline directly for the flight fees associated with this shipment.

Our Live Arrival Promise applies to all Koi shipped via this method and should you find your Koi arrives DOA at the airport, simply follow the same steps as outlined in our Refund and Returns Policy and also send us a copy of your receipt of payment from the airline so that we will be able to give you a store credit for the full amount of the Koi including shipping.

Pickup at Demi Koi Facilities

If you are close enough to our location and you would like to save on shipping, feel free to stop by our facilities to pick up your Koi!

Please note that the limits of the Live Arrival Promise extends only to the point of which the Koi leaves our facility.

Dry Goods

For all other products sold on, we offer UPS Ground Shipping or USPS Shipping.

Free shipping is offered for all purchases of non-koi items with a pre-tax combined total of $249 and over.  This offer is independent from all shipping options reserved for Koi purchases and is for the exclusive purposes of shipping non-perishable items.

All orders ship out the next business day at the latest unless the item is not in stock. In the event that the item is out of stock, you will be contact by e-mail within 24 hours to let you know of your shipment delay. Once your shipment has been scheduled, you will receive a tracking number via e-mail for your convenience.

You can expect to receive your order within 3-7 business days. If the order qualifies for free shipping, Demi Koi reserves the right to decide whether your order will ship out via UPS Ground or USPS.

Demi Koi is not responsible for any expenses relating to return item shipping.

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