October 13 – 15, 2017

Harvest begins daily at 10:00 am.

Breakfast and Lunch will be served daily during the harvest free of charge for all our guests.

Daily Breakfast Ready Time: 8:00 am 
Daily Lunch Ready Time: 1:00 pm

October 13


Pond 7
4 – 5 yr old Koi
Gosanke & Large Kawarigoi

Pond 4
5 – 10 yr old Koi
Jumbo Koi

October 14


Pond 1
2 yr old Koi

Pond 3
 3 yr old Koi

October 15


Pond 2
3 – 5 yr old Koi

Pond 6
3 – 4 yr old Koi
Kawarigoi, Hikarimono

Koi Available for Sale


Below are the Koi that will be available for sale during the harvest. 

Price and availability of Koi begins at 1:00 pm on each day they are harvested.

Please note that at the time of harvest, the Koi will be considered as a year older than what is listed on their respective photos.

Availability is subject to change.  No Koi will be sold until they have been harvested and examined for health and quality. 

Inquiries and interest are welcome, however we are not accepting reservations for any Koi prior to the harvest.

All Koi below were photographed in the Spring of this year prior to releasing them into the Mud Ponds. 


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