Where Japanese Koi Breeders and fans of their work can come together.
Enjoy a selection of Koi curated by the farms that produced them.

How does it Work?

Demi Koi will hold sales of Koi offered by Koi Farms in Japan for a limited time period.
Koi are sold on a first come first served basis during the sale period.
The sale price includes the shipping cost from Japan, but not the delivery charge to the final destination ($150).
If the Koi is to be picked up from Demi Koi there is no additional fee to do so.

What If My Koi Perishes Before I Receive It?

A Koi of equal value will be offered in the event that your Koi perishes in transport between Japan and the US.
Should your Koi pass away in quarantine or before final delivery is made, you will be offered Demi Koi store credit in the amount that the Koi was purchased for.

When can I expect my Koi to be delivered?

In order to keep costs down we will postpone importing the Koi until a shipment of 20 boxes is filled.
Our target for the first shipment is to import them in May of this year, if we are able to fill 20 boxes earlier than we will ship sooner.
We quarantine for 4 weeks to ensure that you’ll have healthy Koi, so a conservative estimate would place these Koi at
early to mid June for final delivery.

I can’t receive my Koi right away. Can you hold it for me?

Yes, we charge $50 a month per Koi to hold them.

Do you ship outside the United States?

At this time we are restricted to shipping within the United States.
We are actively working to be certified for export.
If you are located outside of the US but are interested in our Koi,
please contact us so that we can look into exporting to your country.

Have more Questions?

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